Dodoni Feta and Chorizo Pizza

A quick and easy recipe that will show off just how good of a cook you are! Dodoni Feta and Chorizo Pizza is a great starter or meal for the festive season! You can also mix it up with different cold meats! Try salami or ham or even both!


  • 80g of Frozen Dodoni Feta
  • 50 grams (or more) of Maffra cheddar (its sooo good)
  • A pinch of Chilli
  • A clove of Garlic
  • Thinly slice the Chorizo sausage and start to fry
  • Use a clove of Garlic and place the pieces into the fry pan
  • Slice the Garlic and place the Chorizo evenly across the pizza base
  • Grab some olives and place evenly around the pizza
  • Cut up the Red Onion (I like bigger pieces) and again place evenly around the pizza
  • Grab the Maffra Cheddar and place chunks around the pizza
  • Using a grater, get your frozen Dodoni 200 gram pack and grate it over the pizza!
  • Place some oregano leaves and sprinkle with Chilli
  • Place in the oven, wait 15mins and there you have it… A Dodoni Creation!